naathibutterfly said: I’ve actually seen enough people on my dashboard either liking the episode in general and focusing on the good parts, as well as people who were tearing the show down getting all kinds of asks (that varied from nice to not-nice).

I see mostly the negative. Especially about the show as a whole. 

  1. pigpants said: It was my least favorite episode. But it’s a wonderful show so that isn’t saying a lot. The Melisandre/Thoros change destroyed me
  2. pirateassassin said: I’ve disliked all the previous episodes. For me this was the first one in a while that had more good moments than bad. Ignoring the whole awful thing that happened to Ros. I never liked her much but she didn’t deserve this.
  3. eafiu said: I’m not surprised, you have me on your dash. xD You shouldn’t feel bad about liking anything tbh, the judgement thrown on fans who pull gross shit is pretty dumb. I surely don’t feel that bad about liking /bashing/ D&D.
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